Assaults happen closer, faster, more suddenly and with more power than most people can understand. Learn to protect yourself using the proven methods employed by professionals across the world. The training we deliver is style neutral and principle based, focused on the individual. This allows students of any experience level or training background to work on fundamental skills and develop an individualized operational method that meets their specific needs.

We believe that stronger people are more fun to be around so we’re on a quest to find them. And if we can’t find enough strong people then it’s our responsibility to make them.


Violence Dynamics offers courses across the country and internationally. Building off of our core program, we are also able to customize training courses to fit the needs of your students and specific venues.


The mission of VioDy is to create strong people who understand how to avoid, mitigate and survive violence. In order to manage risk you need to have knowledge of that risk. We provide proven methods for real world protection.