What is ODIN?

ODIN is an acronym for:


Operational Disciplines include:

  1. Legal and Ethical
  2. Violence Dynamics
  3. Avoidance (Conflict Strategy)
  4. Counter Ambush
  5. The Freeze
  6. The Fight
  7. After


Operational Disciplines are skills people need to make their previous training and attributes viable for personal protection and professional use of force.

There is an entire class – Context of Violence, dedicated to these ideas. These ideas are what we developed the entire Violence Dynamics Seminar around.

There is an entire book written about them: “Facing Violence—Preparing for the Unexpected” by Rory Miller

Therefore, the Operational Disciplines Instruction Network, as the name implies, is an organization that provides training in the aforementioned operational disciplines. Or maybe, just maybe all of that is a cover for international travel and recruitment…

At Violence Dynamics the concept of learning through play is highly valued. People are wired to learn through play. As we get older we get “too cool” to play anymore and learning becomes a chore. Exercise stops being fun and becomes work.

One aspect of ODIN is to give adults an opportunity to play again. Giving themselves permission to be special agents. Because, of course, ODIN is also the code name for the world’s daring, highly trained special mission force. An independent international intelligence service.

ODIN’s purpose: to develop human potential. Recruiting and training operatives to use their inherent abilities to defend human freedom.

ODIN is a fun way to develop yourself, and help others. It is in no way an actual independent international inelegance service hiding as a training program or a game. Because that would be ridiculous. Nothing to see here, NSA, Move along.

ODIN has a third facet. Just as the hero Bellerophon needs the threat of the monster Chimera.

ODIN needs Fenrir.


Fraternity for the
Embodiment of
Revenge and

Fenrir serves as a Red Cell to ODIN used to test potential recruits. Like the Top Gun program all successful Violence Dynamics graduates (OG’s) are invited back to play as Fenrir agents. Some you may recognize…Many you will not.

Fenrir also provides a vehicle to explore the logic of violence. Developing an understanding of how and why criminals operate. Along with those facets Fenrir presents an opportunity to examine the limits we place on ourselves and find ways to overcome those limits.

So, maybe FENRIR means:

Earned through
Recognition of

Be careful. It is entirely possible none of our acronyms mean what they appear to mean!