1. Introduction and Safety briefing: Every full day of classes will start will a brief and discussion of safety protocol.
  2. Intro to drills: Through the course of a Violence Dynamics event, certain drills will be systemic. This will be the primer for those skill builders.
  3. Context of Violence: In this talk, we explain the 7 things that make something a self defense program in our eyes. The material is drawn from Rory Miller’s book Facing Violence.
  4. Leverage and structure: Physics can be weaponized. This class is all about how to use your structure to control their strength. You’ll learn to work smart, not hard, and control threats who are considerably more powerful than you.
  5. Violence Dynamics:This class explains the difference between social and asocial violence. The distinction is crucial to understanding what problem you are dealing with, in order to reach for the right tools for solving it.
  6. Power generation and Targeting: A principle-based class on different methods of generating force, and how to combine them. In addition, get an introduction to the VioDy team’s 4 area general targeting system, designed to help you do as much damage as needed under duress.
  7. Counter Assault: This class focuses on operant conditioning and making sure you’re not taken out of a fight before you start. We’ll work on developing a sudden response to surprise attacks.
  8. Conflict Communication: This is the lynch pin of the Violence Dynamics program and by far its most popular class. Build a paradigm for understanding and de-escalating complex situations on the fly.
  9. Logic of take downs: A principle-based throw and takedown class.
  10. Ground movement: A principle-based class that will teach you to leverage your body weight and structure to move on the ground and solve the three dimensional math problems presented by the threat.
  11. Pre attack cues/ Threat Assessment: In this class, the discussion will focus on the other side of counter ambush. Learn how to see things coming before they happen and how to vocalize why you did what you did in a fight.
  12. High end use of force:  This class is about using lethal force when it’s needed. Our focus will be on neck cranks and breaks.
  13. Force law: A lecture and discussion of local self-defense law. Learn what you’re legally empowered to do when you’re faced with violence, and understand the legal consequences of taking action.
  14. Plastic mind:  This class is a great tool for getting out of your own head! The instructor will teach you ways of becoming a more effective fighter, by being someone else.
  15. Environmental fighting: One of the end game extensions of the One-Step drill. This will take you off the training floor and out into the environment of normal life. Cars, stairwells, bathrooms are all possible locations.
  16. Advanced people watching: AKA: Day 4… a fan favorite originally referred to as the “Mall Walk”. Each instructor will take groups on a walk to observe the apex predator in its natural habitat.

Additional classes based on instructor and location:

  • Structure and Void
  • Logic of Violence
  • Infighting
  • Ground Control
  • High Speed
  • Problem Solving
  • 4I Knife Defense
  • Boundary Setting and Escape
  • Dirty Boxing
  • Cheating
  • Weapon Defense