Whether or not your physical activity is working out, martial arts, camping/hiking, or anything else, one of the things they all have in common is sacrificing for them. You sacrifice comfort, time with family, physical discomfort, and any other number of things. This is necessary to become good at anything.

One of the great things about VioDy is the subgroup we have called ODIN, and Kasey has written quite a bit about it. One of the things that always pops into my head when thinking about what we do is what Odin did. “I sacrifice myself to myself’. Odin, the Norse god, craved wisdom and mastery so much, he hung on a tree for 9 days, and sacrificed an eye to get what he wanted.

And if you look at what we do, it is based quite a bit on self sacrifice.
We sweat, hurt, sometimes injure ourselves, all to get better at our chosen activity.
But there are other sacrifices we make in order to achieve our personal protection mission.
We sacrifice our ego, rather than engage in an needless fight.
We sacrifice having that extra couple drinks at a night out, in order to be able to have a right mind and be aware.
And finally, we are willing to make the sacrifice of ourselves to ensure those we place under our protection make it to safety.

If you look at it, the only way we can get this kind of thing done is to see a need, a reason, that we place as bigger, or more important than us, and decide in our heads and hearts ahead of time that our choices, our sacrifices are more than worth it.

Right alongside the sacrifice, is making sure we are doing it for the right reasons, and for the right people. It requires us to weigh and measure every aspect of our lives.
It also might require us to make a sacrifice out of some of our relationships, especially if those relationships are an abusive relationship, a friend that hides behind you after starting trouble, because ‘Hey, you can fight real good, you know that karate stuff’, or having the dark and scary conversations with our loved ones about what to do when that day comes.

Sacrifice, we all make them, let’s make sure we are making the right ones.