Violence Dynamics is a fantastic seminar, great for all skill levels. The material extends far beyond your typical hit-the-pads workshop, covering topics like de-escalation, environmental awareness, people-watching, etc. I’ve been to VioDy twice and plan on attending again. You should too.

Lawrence 'Chip' Grabowski | Code name: Lambchops

I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Violence Dynamics seminar in Minneapolis. I can safely say that it was the most comprehensive events on violence, communication and human behavior I’ve either been to or heard of. The physical skills – throws, leverage, power generation and more – are principles based, so you can actually take the information and figure out how to apply it yourself should you need to, rather than relying on a specific technique that requires a specific situational set up. We learned Conflict Communication – an incredibly powerful segment about human conflict that quite literally changed my way of relating with everyone in my life. There were segments on Violence Dynamics and the differences between social and asocial violence, pre-attack cues and understanding boundaries. The two most important things for me though, were the people and the attitudes. So often instructors/seminars/entire schools dealing with violence use fear as a tactic and ego as a motivator. Violence Dynamics does none of this. The whole event centered around comradery, community and building each other up. The instructors are incredibly good at what they do, are easy to understand, they are relatable, and they are fun to be around. This was one of the best experiences of my life, and I cannot wait to come back!

Debra Criss | Codename: Disco

Vio Dy is a transformational seminar, appropriate for everyone, regardless of self defense skills. The instructors are knowledgeable and unique, and encourage everyone to participate to their own degree of comfort. Both the lectures and the physical drills are interactive, so participants learn from the instructors as well as from each other. Vio Dy is a unique experience for each individual. For me, it has been life changing. You guys have empowered me. You taught me how to trust. You taught me valuable, daily life skills that work when utilized. You have made life easier and less frightening. I am forever grateful to each member of the Vio Dy team, and to all of the wonderful friends I have made all the way.

Mary K.

My first Violence Dynamics conference was three years ago. I walked in not knowing what to expect or how well I would do. Four days later, I walked out both humbled and more confident than before I arrived. The instructors were professional yet personable, which allowed them to keep the learning environment safe and enjoyable. This complemented their style of teaching and learning through play, which became one of my favorite ways to train new moves. This helped ingrain neural pathways to recognize opportunities and openings in a normal speed of confrontation. Their styles of teaching all blend very well together do an excellent job at building on one other from lesson to lesson while transitioning principles from the classroom to hands-on exercises smoothly.

Jeffrey Haeder | Code name: Thing Two

Violence Dynamics puts training for violence into the larger context of real life. VioDy takes years of hard won lessons and condenses them into formats that save you the blood, bruises, and lawsuits while keeping the tone and training focused on fun and growth. Participants will gain knowledge and skills that should change their training, and even their outlooks, significantly. Each instructor brings unique perspectives, expertise, and experience but they all share a focus on making the time and training as functional as possible for each student.

Malcolm Rivers | Code name: Champagne Velvet

The Violence Dynamics Seminar is one of the most comprehensive self defense and awareness courses I’ve ever been to. The training not only has helped me grow as a person but has helped to keep me safe in my personal and professional life. I never hesitate to recommend this course to others due to the depth of knowledge of the instructors and because of the practicality of the information they provide.

Conner Aidren