I've never done martial arts, but I'm interested in self defense. Should I still come?

Yes! The Violence Dynamics series of events and seminars are specifically designed for everyone, at all skill levels. You will learn a ton, and have a lot of fun.

I'm not a law enforcement officer or use of force professional. Can I come?

Yes! You do not need to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of the seminar.

I'm an 8th degree black belt/pro MMA fighter. Should I bother?

Yes! First of all, self defense and violence dynamics are very different than traditional (or non-traditional) martial arts. Second, you wouldn’t have gotten that good without realizing that there’s always something new to learn about a subject you thought you knew well. Third, all of the Violence Dynamics series of events and seminars cover a lot of non-physical skills too. Fourth, there will be some advanced classes, as well as opportunities for private training with the instructors. Fifth, seriously, these are some of the best teachers at their subject matter on the planet. Why would you not?

I’d like to schedule an Event or Seminar for my school/group. Who do I contact?

Excellent! The best way is to e-mail info@violencedynamics.com, that we can work with you on scheduling and what will best serve your needs.

What is an OG?

VioDy is a seminar, but it is also a tribe. Returning students are called OGs, and they get special recognition and privileges. At the end of your first full VioDy you get your ODIN codename. (That’s a Kasey thing, he’s a comic book nerd.) At the end of your second, you get your ODIN card and are officially an OG. At the end of your third, well, some of you will find out in October.

OG privileges: 

  • A discount. E-mail info@violencedynamics.com with your ODIN codename and dates you attended and I’ll send you the discount information.
    • Breakout sessions and private lessons. We have extra instructors. Most of the time one or two will be available. If you’ve already attended a class and would like to go deeper or do something else completely, as an OG you can request a free private lesson.
    • As an OG, you have access to any scheduled Day Zero.
What is Day Zero?

When possible, our 4 day Violence Dynamics events will be preceded with a Day Zero for OG’s. This will be on a case by case basis depending on timing and availability of facilities. Day Zero has included working with MN S.W.A.T. team members, live fire weapon work, counter knife training.