Simply put, Violence Dynamics is the study of violence and the people who inflict violence on others. Understanding how violence happens, how your body deals with violence, and how to choose and deploy an appropriate level of force in response is crucial if you want to survive a violent encounter. Real violence happens faster and harder than most people’s training takes into account. The Violence Dynamics seminar (VioDy) takes principles and concepts that usually take professional users of force years to comprehend and distills them into a common language for dealing with violence.

Whether you interest is in:

  • Personal Protection, Women’s Self Defense, Anti-bullying
  • Practical application of your existing martial arts training for self defense
  • Building confidence through competence
  • Professional Use of Force

All of these are subtopics of human interpersonal violence. Our courses provide the individual an operational foundation to successfully deal with the violence they are most likely to face. The training focuses on human performance and knowing what you are capable of under stress & in the environment. We help you reconcile the use of gross motor movements built onto your body’s natural pre-programmed responses with refining those responses the way that people learn best – through drills and games. (No memorization of techniques).

Finally, we test those ingrained responses under stress to ensure you know them, and have confidence they will work This practical approach is effective for all regardless of age, size, gender or fitness level. Plus, we have FUN. A lot of fun.

Created in Minnesota in 2010 by Kasey Keckeisen, Rory Miller, and Marc MacYoung, VioDy has become an annual event, with spin-off seminars in Edmonton, AB; Oakland, CA; and Ashburn, VA and Vancouver.